Sunday, March 27, 2011


i have so much on my mind i dont know where to start. i guees i can start with the fact that i am only 27 and i have found that i am a work a holic, and that is were i i am alot more comfterable. i say this because i was hanging out with my freinds and sometimes i feelgood and lat night i felt like as if was the first time i hung out with them, like i had no control. so i camehome and did some work for about an hour or 2 after that i felt better and i dont know why? another one of my many issues is that i moved out on my own. it was choice to grow up i will be honest i at times i do feel lonley even tho i know i am not. i love and just miss my family. there is still other things i want to write on how ever i am short on time. life is to short letsenjoy everydayto the fullest


  1. Yes, lets live each day to the fullest...proud of you candi

  2. I've had trouble pulling up your blog lately. So glad to finally catch up!!