Monday, May 23, 2011


I was going trough the picture that were taken through out this journy and i cam a long way. i am learning  alot about life work school  all these thing and its a liltte overwelming, I sometimes have so much to do i don't know where to begin! then i get fraustrated shortly i get pissed off and  finally i get really pissed off! like dont even talk to me pissed off!, my family knows what i am talking about. Any way all i can do is take on 1 task at a time, andremeber that there is a solution for everything. I need to trust in God,  he will strenght me and uphold me  with his rightious hand(s).  everytime i remeber that i nolonger worry about the problem at hand.  the reason for that is  because God, already knows the out come of everything and never will put me in a situation i couldnot handel, there is a quote from MLK JR, goes like this "The ultimate measure of a person is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convienance,but where (one ) stands at times of challenge and contriversy" this quote i feel speakes to mebecause i find that my confirt zone  i feel like i am on auto pilit, and when i am in going toface a chanlleng i find that i shut down and run away from it (meantaly do npot want todeal with the issue) when in reality i should run right into it a tackel head on for twomajor reasons 1 God has my back and 2 so does my freinds and family, So i will keepon keeping on Get er done ;)

Saturday, May 21, 2011


being an adult is tought my hat goes off to all the parents cause i now see why your strict lol. i have nothing new to repot just trying to get through this roller coster called life! work wqill be work i am luck to have a JOB(career) i am happy cause i got to see a freind even if it was for a few mins. i learen that everyone is a leader even if you leading your self. that got me thinking which in turn gave me a head ach i perfer top be on auto piolit @ times. overall i have choices and if i make one  i have to live with it and all is good have a good nite

Sunday, May 8, 2011


well happy MOTHERS day to ALL the MOMS that read my blog. i really think we shouldnt deadicate only 1 day to Mothers, but all 365 days of the year. I would like  to deadicate this blog to my Mother, not just because it's her day but because her love is unconditional, she is caring and encouraging. One of her biggest sacarfice she gave me was giving birth to me, and there is nothin in this MATEREALISTIC world that could or would ever amount to her. From the beging of this journey she has been ther for me making my lunches and making sure i stayed on track. MOM i love you! no words can measure tha but ,y actions will

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Wow, it great to know that we ae human(s) to get to learn and grow. i learened something new the other day, and that was as an individule i have seasons: time frames whatever you want to call i am great ful for everythinfg and everyone in my life,  for the good and the bad  it measures your character, integerity, Faith,. that the beauty of humanity we countinue to learn some of us learn quicker the others  and others choose not to learn. all i know is that i will countiue to surrende to God.