Saturday, May 7, 2011


Wow, it great to know that we ae human(s) to get to learn and grow. i learened something new the other day, and that was as an individule i have seasons: time frames whatever you want to call i am great ful for everythinfg and everyone in my life,  for the good and the bad  it measures your character, integerity, Faith,. that the beauty of humanity we countinue to learn some of us learn quicker the others  and others choose not to learn. all i know is that i will countiue to surrende to God.


  1. I am always so encouraged by what you write Cande. Keep moving forward. You have gone SO FAR!! I saw both Fawn and Zac in Alabama. It was a wonderful time with them both. I know how proud they both are of you. And I know they miss you.

  2. thank you marcy,i am glad to hear yu spend time with them and i will countinue to make them proud. i amgreatful for the time and friendships.