Monday, May 23, 2011


I was going trough the picture that were taken through out this journy and i cam a long way. i am learning  alot about life work school  all these thing and its a liltte overwelming, I sometimes have so much to do i don't know where to begin! then i get fraustrated shortly i get pissed off and  finally i get really pissed off! like dont even talk to me pissed off!, my family knows what i am talking about. Any way all i can do is take on 1 task at a time, andremeber that there is a solution for everything. I need to trust in God,  he will strenght me and uphold me  with his rightious hand(s).  everytime i remeber that i nolonger worry about the problem at hand.  the reason for that is  because God, already knows the out come of everything and never will put me in a situation i couldnot handel, there is a quote from MLK JR, goes like this "The ultimate measure of a person is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convienance,but where (one ) stands at times of challenge and contriversy" this quote i feel speakes to mebecause i find that my confirt zone  i feel like i am on auto pilit, and when i am in going toface a chanlleng i find that i shut down and run away from it (meantaly do npot want todeal with the issue) when in reality i should run right into it a tackel head on for twomajor reasons 1 God has my back and 2 so does my freinds and family, So i will keepon keeping on Get er done ;)

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