Monday, October 10, 2011


i have so much to say and feelings but it so much i dont know where to begin. i am still have fear and at the moment i dont know how to react i have some what an F it attiude i feel like i am emotionaly out of control.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


well here i am>Iam here being Candelario Garcia  I am exre,mly blessed i cant complain even though i do i should be greatful Cause i haveWhat i need not What i want.I know what i want i want to Follow God !and and there is no Fear with him cause he is the One and only person i need to Please and put him and others before myself

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


hello, i just want to get some stuff off my mind. i dont know what holds me back i am sick n tired of beng Shy and people constinaly asking me 'whats wrong' just because my facail expression is not to there liking or just cause i am not smiling doesnt mean anything is wrong. i work 8-12 or mre hours in a day! anyway just wanted to say thatmore to come

Monday, June 20, 2011


where to start?  its been a while since i blogged. as usual i havw my ups and downs.i am moving forward i finished life n christ and i will be part of volunteer staff @ my church. i am excited and scared at hte same time.  i have maintained my weight and  countinue to focus on my self. i cant wait tosee whqat elsei cando !!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


I was going trough the picture that were taken through out this journy and i cam a long way. i am learning  alot about life work school  all these thing and its a liltte overwelming, I sometimes have so much to do i don't know where to begin! then i get fraustrated shortly i get pissed off and  finally i get really pissed off! like dont even talk to me pissed off!, my family knows what i am talking about. Any way all i can do is take on 1 task at a time, andremeber that there is a solution for everything. I need to trust in God,  he will strenght me and uphold me  with his rightious hand(s).  everytime i remeber that i nolonger worry about the problem at hand.  the reason for that is  because God, already knows the out come of everything and never will put me in a situation i couldnot handel, there is a quote from MLK JR, goes like this "The ultimate measure of a person is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convienance,but where (one ) stands at times of challenge and contriversy" this quote i feel speakes to mebecause i find that my confirt zone  i feel like i am on auto pilit, and when i am in going toface a chanlleng i find that i shut down and run away from it (meantaly do npot want todeal with the issue) when in reality i should run right into it a tackel head on for twomajor reasons 1 God has my back and 2 so does my freinds and family, So i will keepon keeping on Get er done ;)

Saturday, May 21, 2011


being an adult is tought my hat goes off to all the parents cause i now see why your strict lol. i have nothing new to repot just trying to get through this roller coster called life! work wqill be work i am luck to have a JOB(career) i am happy cause i got to see a freind even if it was for a few mins. i learen that everyone is a leader even if you leading your self. that got me thinking which in turn gave me a head ach i perfer top be on auto piolit @ times. overall i have choices and if i make one  i have to live with it and all is good have a good nite

Sunday, May 8, 2011


well happy MOTHERS day to ALL the MOMS that read my blog. i really think we shouldnt deadicate only 1 day to Mothers, but all 365 days of the year. I would like  to deadicate this blog to my Mother, not just because it's her day but because her love is unconditional, she is caring and encouraging. One of her biggest sacarfice she gave me was giving birth to me, and there is nothin in this MATEREALISTIC world that could or would ever amount to her. From the beging of this journey she has been ther for me making my lunches and making sure i stayed on track. MOM i love you! no words can measure tha but ,y actions will

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Wow, it great to know that we ae human(s) to get to learn and grow. i learened something new the other day, and that was as an individule i have seasons: time frames whatever you want to call i am great ful for everythinfg and everyone in my life,  for the good and the bad  it measures your character, integerity, Faith,. that the beauty of humanity we countinue to learn some of us learn quicker the others  and others choose not to learn. all i know is that i will countiue to surrende to God.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


as you can see i am blogging alot more! i have an update on the surender of Cande! 2 days back to back i have spoken wih firmness and honesty with GOD, on  my surrend to him,  especaily 2 areas of my life. One of those areas is my career, the other is relationships, i have left them in GODs, hands. its up to him what he will do with them All i i know is i will put in 100% in these areas.  it is a great feeling! to have qand in just those 2 days people have noticed, go figure. i also learend "QUICK SLOW SLOW" Quick to listen, Slow to speak,Slow to get angry, (thanks Gabe)i heard this and i loved it. the reason is  because i do the complete oppiste quick to get angry Quick to speak, Slow to listen. Any its been a great week a great night and Thats my update for as fawn would say Y'ALL lol.

Monday, April 18, 2011


i dont know what to say! i feel very repatative. it has been 9 months and i lost 87 or 88 lbs, as always its not the # but the journey!  it ALL has become 2nd nature to me the eatting the excersice etc....  ALL i know is that now its not about the weight its about the emotional side of it now the confidence the selfestem,  because whats my excuse now? i am not FAT(over weight), and this is something i need to deal with  as menioned before i feel like i am going down the same path and i refuse to do so. So my question now is how to gain that confidance? How to stop caring of what people think? i think is by spending time with Candelario, what am i about? to stop putting on mask  for other people to feel comfterable but to make candelario,
comfterable first so other people, around me can be to. I say that  because i am tired of being afraid, if i cant be comfterable with me, how can i be with others?  The answer is with GODs, guidance and grace because  not matter what he loves me, and wants the bes tfor me and ALL of us. In thebeginig  i say 9 months have gone by and thats how long it takes before a child is born. Connecting the dots i feel like i have been born again, With that said I want  surrender myself to GOD, and nothing/no one else if he wants me to have a relationship he will give 1 to me, if wants me to have a family he will give me 1.. What will i do for him?  serve and love those around me get out of my comfert Zone. Do what Zac and Fawn did for me, invest in others. Because its not about me, its about us.in the process i will get to know Candelario Garcia.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


what is the deal! Why do countinuedown the same path if i knowit leads to no where. i am @ work and i am thinking of Personal lifre, i am hanging out  and i cant stop thinking of work! it is fraustrating. i am scared of it ALL i dont know what else to say except for  i want off this path and be happy. i am tired of being angry scared fearful i feel something missing and i cant find it will i ever?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


hello everyone. as you know i am on a long journey! and trust me when i say its an emotional rollercoster. the reason i,say tha is because its still difficult for me to accept compliments and i still put myself down before anyone else can so i beat them to the punch. and the people i am talking to are etreamly caring loving and non judgemental but 20 years of being put down and picked on for being OVERWEIGHT or for having glasses and not being able to have the fancy cloths that everyone had/hasas a kid it was very for being dark sikined  ALL the BS that come with being diffrent. Why am i repeating or say the same stuff over n over is because i am in a healing procees its very difficult for me to see or run across someone from my past and act like everything is or was ok when i was marked by the words. there are days just certain events from my past come across and i just want to cry. once again i moved out and ifeelalone even thoug i am not i not looking for pitty just trying to build my relations ships freindship fellowships  and it difficult for me  because i do it on a daily basis and that is communicate i cant even do that and sounds easy right. Wrong and the reason is because i still care what people think of me,and i should nt be like that because i know GODloves me and accepts me for who I AM,  he gave his only son for our sins and here  i am feeling selfish by being scareed of talking. All i know is am scared just like when i started this journey and i will overcome this and more  just like i did by lossing the weight and its not just about that but growing as a person a young man into a man the man god wants me to be. KEEP ON KEEPING ON !!!  Fawn/Zac i miss you guys and i will not let you guys down and especailly Myself or God with out you him and my family i would never have mad it this far i love you guys

Saturday, April 2, 2011


well its been a month that i have been out on my own and surprisingly i have not starved to death lol. its dificult scary. As you can see reality hit me! i was overwelmed scared. with my family and friends support i will get thur this Also with Gods, help.to =)

Sunday, March 27, 2011


i have so much on my mind i dont know where to start. i guees i can start with the fact that i am only 27 and i have found that i am a work a holic, and that is were i i am alot more comfterable. i say this because i was hanging out with my freinds and sometimes i feelgood and lat night i felt like as if was the first time i hung out with them, like i had no control. so i camehome and did some work for about an hour or 2 after that i felt better and i dont know why? another one of my many issues is that i moved out on my own. it was choice to grow up i will be honest i at times i do feel lonley even tho i know i am not. i love and just miss my family. there is still other things i want to write on how ever i am short on time. life is to short letsenjoy everydayto the fullest

Sunday, March 20, 2011

3-20-11 actions speak louder then words

Actions have gotten me to where i am @  today. i had a discuction with some freinds, and as usual the bring things into the light. i have lost 80 plus lbs. moved out of my house.going back to school. all in that order i now want to be in a relationship and the only way that is goingto happen is if I TAKE ACTION. nothing  that is listed above happened on its own. So i look forward to this challenge and i will succeed

Thursday, March 17, 2011

3-17-11 First day of school

today was my first day of school and i have a major head ache i felt and feel really DUMB! couldnt subtract add mutiply or divide. i honestly am thinking what did i get myself into? i am  just pissed off at my self should have paid more attention while i was in school.  i have been offered so much help.  i dont bring any work home. i am well aware  that i have to work my mind like  i  am working on my body , i just realized that while i am doing my school work i cant take my mind somewhere else. like every obsticle  i will get it done just venting and complaining

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


well i lost track of the weeks however i have not lost track of my journey. i lost 2 more lbs for a total of 83 lbs and now i am @ 193! i never would have guessed. seems that bit by bit pieces of MY life are coming togeather. i have a great job a great roomate/mentor, and i am going to school. just waiting for that relationship which will come in Gods, time. I would like to say i am finding my rythem on living on my own i also would like to say my parents are taking it very well. Zac/Fawn  i love you guys and will not waste your time /investment keep on keeping on!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I learend today that i am a Investment and the payout is Gods glory. Today fawn trained me and bernie, it was tough. i have moved out building my own foundation i will be honest i am sad, on the other hand just like the weight lost i had to take action which i did on my personal life set my boundries. As an person being invested in and being held accountable for everything i do loosing is NOT an option. i believe that GOD, is putting me on the right pat. i am scared however very determined with his will andgive him all my problems and he willguide me thur.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


hello everyone,  first i would like to say thank you for your support and for your encouragement.  well as the title says its offical i will be going to school! i will start on friday. i remeber talk n talking about going back, as you know ACTIONS are louder then words. i  have stopped complainng about how bad i think  i may have have  when in reality i will embrace it and enjoy what GOD, provivded for me. i dont have a perfect life but i am  defantly enjoying it. good or bad

Thursday, February 24, 2011


this week  hasbeen pretty good.  i have recieved  alot of good news. a couple of days ago i had to ride along with my boss, and he changed the radio station to  107.9 i believe it was a chritian station, as i am drving and hearing the sermanm i  feel this warm sensation in my heart. i didnt know what it was but felt pretty good! i feel alot more confident, but itrs not about me its about GOD directing me as i countinue his path. i will get what i need  i feel so blessed, it's overwelming in a good way!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

2-20-11 Z is in WISCONSON

well as alot of you know zac was hired in greenbay! which is AWSOME! I am a little sad but its not about me  i am proud to say  Zac Woodfin and Fawn woodfin are my freinds. they liturally save my life. Moving forward i  look forward to what God has in sotre for us! he take and gives when he sees fit  and i will follow.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


i just got back from a Great weekend! i went snowboarding it was fun! until i feell multiple times lol like in life i feel down and got back up. this was my 3 rd time @ high elevation the first 2 time i got altittude sickness and did not make on the slopes. this time as mentioned early it was great wentr up there and enjoyed what god made. its a work out ansd look forward to doing it again next year.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Growth is a pain full procees. i thought having all the confidence and being sure of myself  things would get easy, boy was i wrong! people will push that limit with you. i have been told certain people perfered me to be overweight i hear  cerain  people talk  i dont hear or feel that they are real. they say what i  want to hear and all i hear is bullshit! i appologize for the profanity  i feel a litle  frustrated! dont get me wrong i love my new life style however its challenging at times

Thursday, February 3, 2011



Monday, January 31, 2011


i had 2 good days off did alot both days was up before the sun and home when the sun went down =). a while ago i texted grace my sister, i was a little upset because i know bi want to go back to school just unable to find 1 that suits my schedule. i will countinue to look @ other options and hope it works out. i had a great talk with a friend on sunday night that also put thing in prospective. i will take his suggestion and just leave my problems in GODS, hands allneed to do is focus on my part of the problem. i cant wait to overcome this

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What a great day! Nothing can stop me causer honestly i dont care what other people think> i am turning into the Man GOD, wants to be. i dont know what else to say! i love life my Family and GOD.

Monday, January 24, 2011


well i just got back from working out with fawn, and all i can say is wow! she countiue to push us. Fawn/Zac, are directing me in the right direction. Cause tonight i weighed in and i lost 6 more LBS for a total of 71lbs in 22 weeks. i was shocked! People ask what i do and i explain i am doing a life change, they answer oh so your on a diet! i answer no its a life change. Any way i am living and loving life no mater what it throws my way with GODs, help i will get tur it !Keep on keeping on =)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


What a great day! i love my life good/bad that comes with it. Choices we all have them,no mater which one we pick we must be pre pared for the outcome. Good or bad we must learn from them and move forward! i have learned from zac/fawn alot! that is a choice i have made and the out is well worth the traing they havwe me do. the pain of 1 hour work is nothing compared to the pain of selpitty or lack of self esteam. they taught me that i should love and take care of my self, also that i was made i GODs image and he will LOVE me no mater what i look like or what i do ultamitly its my choice and thisa is my year! I am Candelario Garcia and i matter. for every 1 person that may hate me, theres 10 people that love and care for me

Cande's New Pics!!!! Look how Far he has come!

Cande's changing from the inside out! Check out his progress!!! from 276 pounds to 211! But most importantly, Cande is becoming a different person! He is going back to school, gaining self confidence and now knows what it looks like to truly live a healthy lifestyle! Way to go Cande!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I am very excited. i will be going back to school to get my GED/HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. i will have a game plan by next week! i am still in shock. first i am loosing weigh now i will be going to school =))> this goes to show how positive peopl and GOD, can do. this is the first time i an really say is I love my life translation i love GOD because we are all made in his image

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


nothing is free in life accept the Grace, of GOD. i heard this in a movie an i liked it. it has the advantage of being true! i really dont know what eles i need to say. i have my health a job and my family. i guess i just need to learn howc to ap[precaite all of that and stop complaining. i just want to be happy!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


what can i say i have God, in my life! as well as my family and friends. i realized that i have to appreciate what i have and come not what i dont have. all i know is i am able to come to terms with myself. instead of complaing make it work. cause @ the end of the day its just me Candelario garcia and i am who iam and keep on keeping on =)

Monday, January 3, 2011


Well here we are the 3rd day of the new year! i am confused and feel lost. this is cause by a controllable situation, which for some reason i can not get a hold of. i am not going to let this consume me but i will gain wisdom and strength. this will be a great year, only time will tell. GOD, will give me what i need and when i need it. its not a lost cause not yet any way

Friday, December 31, 2010


well it new year eve! and here i am @ home. rather be out and about. dont get me wrong i l;ove my family, i just need a postive atmosphere. not that they are negative but just the same conversations bout the same things. yes life happens, i want to be happy and away from negativity

Sunday, December 26, 2010


do you ever feel like your going backwards? i do and usually what triggers it is a small comment or remark. sdont know why but it makes me get defensive and what i now do is take a deep breath and remeber that GOD, has my back no matter what. after all is said in don i feel better, for some reason i feel a disconnect as if i still am lookinfg for someones approval. dont know why! however i know i will be ok as lon as i approve of myself =) no one elses matters but GODs, and mine

Thursday, December 23, 2010


well it is almost Xmas, i have to say that being on this journey, is great! when i converse with people, i dont get tired of sharing what i am doing. I dont feel like i am wasting my time i can see the person(s) reaction and they are really listening to what i am talking about, its a great feeling, some would say i am coming out of my shell but in reality i am coming out of a cacun. i am really looking forward to a NEW YEAR!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


today was great! i was up and out of the house at 630 am, did not get back til 8 pm. i worked out, served at the long beach mission, hung out with Zac, a lil bit. and topped it off with church service =). A reflection as mentioned i helped served lunch, i thought having bad days off is bad,(a problem) but seeing the people there it made me think that i have no problems, but i apprexcate the fact that i have a job. Today Was a GREAT DAY! i got a taste of life and i love it

Saturday, December 18, 2010


time, thats what is needed. if you listen carefully to the conversations, you have with people, the common issue is time. you may not realize this but this is an important aspect of a transformation, spritual growth, emotional growth, ETC... It all takes time. i personally noticed that when i want or need something is now and i dont want to wait for it to happen. i was once told " i should walk with time" an the lord will provide what you need and when he sees that you need it. i will countinue to work on me and with Time all good things will come to me in forms of wisdom and understanding.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


yesterday, i went to Forge. The discution was on how god made us in his IMAGE, and made us to be in relationships. After i heard this it helped me feel a lot calmer and reduced my fear in that area. i came across 4 scriptures that i like, but only 1 stood out to me "For i am the LORD, your God, Who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you" (Isaiah41:13) when i read this i felt like nothing can faze me, and that i have nothing to FEAR, because God, will hold my right hand and help me. this journey is not only about my, weight its also about becoming a Man, the Man, god< wants me to be. I will no longer fearanything or anyone.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


i was looking up the definition of fear, and let me tell youthe definition is repeatative. to be afraid terro etc... then i came across the fearless not to be afraid. looking at those 2 diffreat defintions fearless is straight forward, simple if yopu will. No body should its a state of mind an attitude, we as people do to our seleves. Basicly all i am saying is i am tired of being afraid. i want to live and i will cause GOD is always by my side and i have my family and my freinds that will have my back. as these thoughts rattle in my mind the one that makes me most hapy are 2 one is a person and the other is the day i got baptized.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


reflecting on my past and looking forward to the future,what it holds no body knows. why do we make life so complicated? why cant life be simple emotions are invested/planted but it grows doubt fear ETC... we hold material things to heart we in reality they mean nothing. all i want is to be happy and surounded by loved ones. i have reached that goal as well. i will be me same ole cande regardless of weight. the doubt i will over come and keep on keepin on =)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


wqell its week 15 and i worked out with fawn, she pushed and tested my limits like zac does. she was there doing the excercise along side with me she had mee running at a 8.5-8,7 so it was a lil dificult but with her there i was a lil easier. after the work out i weighed in. i lost 6 more lbs for a grand total of 59 lbs! so the goal of 220 was blown out of the water cause i am at 217.5 lbs. new goal is 1 75-180, i am still in shock i never in my right mind think i would getin to shout or out of the shape ROUBND lol. but with help in guidance and all of the support its happening. thank you everyone that follows this keep on keepin on =)

Monday, December 6, 2010


yesterday was a great day! i was baptized in the pacific ocean =) it was amaz
ing i had the support of my family and freinds. the way i made a commitment to my self and zac and fawn. I made it to follow God, it was the most important decision i have ever made =)today i still could not believe it. it's a great feeling. the sky is the limit keep on keeping on with Gods love /guidance.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


well i weighed in with Zac,Fawn and i lost 2 lbs for a totalk of 53 lbs in 14 weeks. i was talking to grace and i mentioned that i feel like a diffrent person. its a little werid but in a good way. people approach me diffrently i guees it part of the procees. i will be going to the gym tonite and i am a lil tired but i know once i am there i will get into itand get to my goal! of 220 =. i can honetsly say i feel great!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


well its week 14 and i see zac later on today. i have stayed on track with thefood but only been to the gym once this week and it upsets me when i cant or dont go. i was talking grace bout how i am feeling cause when i get upset i am like a bull in a china shop figuratvely speaking. it opens a flow of negative thoughts so i call her to shut off that flow. yesterday i went to work witn my dad, i was refelecting am i the type of person that is consommed by work or am i turning into that person? grace said yes that i am that person due to it its all i have. i am singl 27 yrs old and defently dont want to make work my priority. i will enjoy life and travel want to meet new people. i am tired of being afraid and afraid of rejection. Grace said leave it in gods hans he will never lead you some where unsafe. i will do just that and pray and embrace the confidence that i have uptained with this journey =)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


today was a great day! i  countinue to get compliments and how i am a diffrent person. i am at a p[lace where i thought  i would never get  to p[hysical emotionl spirtialy i am very happy as well as confident i will reach my goals. on thanks giving i was able to enjoy the tradtionl meal but did not really  crave it. all i can say is i am blessed to have fawn an zac to help me and along with the support from freinds and family

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


well its week  13 i worked out wit Zac/fawn, as usual they p[ushed me to my limits .  did a mix of cardio ansd strenght.  i used the step[ master at level 18 and its hard but we got it done =). i feel great. i weighed in and i lost 6 more lbs  so i am @ 225 for a total of 51 lbs in 13 weeks . i will keep[ it short n sweet keep[ on keep[ing on =))

Saturday, November 20, 2010


i just got back from the gym, i feel good but i know i could have worked out a lil harder. after work i washed the dishes and cooked dinner, went to the store then to the bank all with 2 or 3 hours of being home.  i dont know how my mom does it but its a lot in a short period of time,  doing all that is also part of my journy to be self reliant, it is not easy being a grown up but part of life  whatever i have gone thur has only made me stronger in  mind body n soul. i feel so blessed to have fawn zac and all my freind  in my life, if it were not for them i would have gone backwards  with my mind set . but here i am keeping on my with my journey.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

well we are almost  done with week 11. and when i weighed in i was @ 231lbs, i gained 1 lb.  i will be honest  i was a little upset, i was reminded that it is NOT about the #, muscel weighs more than FAT! all i know is i am building my endurance  i can run a lil longer walk  and stand for 30 min or more if needed. my mom  is in the hospital  because  of her diabeties so now  i am a lil stressed out. She was the one that preped ALL my meals and now i am doing it until she gets better. so that being said  i am eating out a lil more than usual, it is all healty food so need to yell lol. but part of this transformation is holding my own, which means DO MY OWN STUFF. I know i can do it. thanks you everyone for your support and encouragement

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


well today was great  offical it was my day off but i had an issue @ work. i felt great i tried on my old tool belt and it fit!!! i did not stop[ or run out of breathe my back was not hurting me nort even with the belt on.  i time out the job  and i hit had some help[ but still hit the time slot. after wards i met up with zac and he turned it up. we weretalking bout the first time on the warm ups and how difficult they were @ first.  zac pointed out that in todays work out i did not stop i finished strong, thanks to zacs push and  my focus. it is WEEK11 and here i am keepping on =)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


yesterday was a  great day! i did the united walk to help[ end homelessnes, it was a 5 k walk so about 3 miles or so. aftedr that i went to visit my cousin and i recieved comp[liments from him, felt good and he encouraged me to keep ut the good work. following that i went to hang out with some freinds for some good food conversation and games.after that  i met up  with my family to watch the fight. so iwas a pretty evwentful day!   the mind is so positive that i do not get upset anymore. i cant believe  i am almost at my goal! i only have GOD and my freinds and family for all their support

Thursday, November 11, 2010


well it is week 10 and i have lost 6 more lbs and a total of 46 lbs.  i have been sticking to my guns  and just keep pushing myself, at work i  park a little farther and walk to where i need to go. i countinue to eat heatlty and i feel great it is not the number it is my health. almost at the goal of 220!  10 lbs from it  =)

Check out the Weigh in Video!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


on the ride home i was reflecting that i have not watched tv or been a couch patato in 2 months and i have been waking up at 5 30 am and going all the way thur 10 pm on some days. i have been told that i have inspired people. that makes me feel good that in some way i helped a persome make a lifechanging decision. I also notice i am focused and on point on any task or project i asked to take care of., i also dont get MAD  any more and you can ask my bro or sis nothing will fase me and thank you to everyone  who is supporting me and would like to let you know that you are not alone 

Sunday, November 7, 2010


this morning i woke up at my usual time of  530 am  i put up some cloths and then pout on my running shoesand went to the park with my bro. i ran 2 laps around thwe field and walked 2  encouraging my bro not to give up, after the last lap i took him on the first walk when  i stared my journey.  it was a steep hill but no royion canyoun but he got thur it  i was encouring him the whole way up.   another thin i did today was catch up on some Sleep for the last week n half i have been waking up at 5 30 in the morning.    the end results are great i have lost 40 lbs in 9 weeks and i feel great i am more confident  and get comments from freinds co workers and feels great  thanks to  evryone for there support have a blessed day

Friday, November 5, 2010


well it is week 9 recovy week i have still been doin cardio and walking alot at work. i am excited because i noticed my watch  is  down to the last hole , i feel happy and life is good my brother is doing better.  i feel like i am heading in the right direction and no one or nothing  will stop me

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


well about 30 min ago i finished my first spin class and all i can say is wow  it was extream and i feel pretty good i completed a spin class. climbing mountain and running things i nevere did or could not do now i am. i was reflecting on what started this and that FEAR i am sure that i am overcoming alot of the and overcame  a few. i feel great i am being a little more social i dont stay quiet any more i speack my mindand partcipate in more group actvities

Monday, November 1, 2010

Check out Cande's First Hike! Way to Go Cande!

Zac and I took Cande on a hike last weekend for the FIRST TIME! Zac decided to take him up the hardest mountain at Runyon! I must admit that I was a little hesitant, but Cande passed with flying colors! Just call him Speedy Gonzales! : ) We are proud of you Cande! Fawn


well this week was pretty good i was able to run a mile on the treadmill it felt good to reach that goal especally  after last week were i was unable to due to it was at the tail end of a work out  this time i was cause it was the first thing before.  i also got a compliment from my lil bro he likes the change we ran and played @ the park, we also played a lil basket ball so i am able to keep with him.  after that i went on a walk on the beach with a freind for an hour it was great. so i am changing the mind set i have noticed i dont get upset as much as i use to or at all so its a great feeling

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Yesterday was a long day and today is another long dayi was suppose to work out yesterday and I am upset @ myself for not going. I don't want to use work as an excuse or any of the pain either zac says I have to welcome it and over come it. I will try to get to work out today NO excuses.

Monday, October 25, 2010


well its the end of week 7, coming into week 8  with yesterdays hike and todays work out s  i feel like i got hit by a truck  i did my intervals in the morning  and then with in the afternoon with zac. Zacs work out was intense  it is getting a lot harder and  we are starting to focus on endurance for the 5 k run that is coming up in febuary bit by bit we  are reaching the goal today i weighed in and i lost 3 more lbs! for a total of 38lbs in 8 weeks! more to come  we are not just stopping @ 220 i want to countinue to the 190s or below i AM EXCITED!!!  once again thanks to everyone who is following this and supporting us. For those of you that are thinking of starting your journey remeber that  your not alone the weight will NOT come OFF over night. thanks again :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


today was amazing i went on a hike and it was amazing  i can say i climb a mountain  wen 7 weeks ago i could not walk down the street i also did some jogging on this mountain and it was hard  i was thinking to my self  why would ppeople do this for fun lol despite the pain in my calfs  an  legs i did it withZac and Fawns help. thanks looking forward to hike other  trails

Thursday, October 21, 2010


wow just got back from the gym and i am tired i am starting to feel like its a chore and i dont want it to feel like that some days i enjoy going and others not so much but it is a MUST. 241 is a good place to be inching towards my goal of 220 or less 180 but  like i said before its not bout the # its bout me.   i am still getting alot of compliaments but i see very lil change but i like the attention lol.  also still trying to inch my bro and he hanging in there  i believe in him and  he also will succed

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Breakfast is served!  Always healthy options now!

Packed Lunch!

Packing lunch has been a huge focus!  When going to Disney land, instead of eating the fast food there, lunch and snacks were packed!  There was a clif bar, Turkey sandwich and fruit for lunch and rice cakes!

Monday, October 18, 2010


today was a good day stayed busy worked out with zac and wow it was intense. today  i also weighed in and i lost another 4lbs for a TOTAL of  35lbs in 7 weeks so i now weight 241lbs. i am shocked and happy i now know i have to push even harder thanks again to everyone

Sunday, October 17, 2010


today was a great day i woke up and did my walk/run more walking then running lol. after i had an outing with the lil boy i mentor went to see a movie after dropped him off went to church i was given some good news   i  inspired a person so they have made a decision to change there life after hearing that i felt good good people  friends  it was just a blessed day so that is  2 that i know of  and its wow. the walk today was about a mile  and i was  shocked to see that  i walked/ran. once again a big thanks to everyone for your support  a special thanks to  zac.fawn. and my family

Friday, October 15, 2010


Last night I almost didn't go. To the gym but after thinking it over I did go @ least to run for 30min. I am still sticking to my meal plan and I am still in shock that I am @ 245. There is another reason I am excited because my brother is join me on this journey as well he will start his own journey. I am looking forward to see what other traing. Zac and fawn have in store for me its not about the # it is about my wellbeing

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Wow! Today I feel great! Yesterday I went to Disneyland and had lots of fun.  I planned ahead as Fawn suggested and I packed my  food as if were a regular day of work so i didn't cheat and for dinner. I had chicken and q cumbers @ the Rainforest cafe  so pretty healthy meal. today i was productive feel good i was talking with confidence @ 830  i will go to the gym  and do the exercise zac wanted me to do yesterday since i did a lot of walking and got home late  that was my limit.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


today was great  fawn showed me ladders which was fun we did push ups lunges  and squats  ran across the field we did 3 reps after that i weighed in and i lost & more lbs now i am @ 245 from 276 whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. super excited and cant wait to see what next week brings  i appreciate everyones support. another thing is i am able to wear a  size 42 from a size 46  so progress is happening

Friday, October 8, 2010


well  just got back from the gym n  while doing  a 20 min walk/run i got a lil dizzy  so took a breather and took a couple of drinks ok water  i decide to come home a still felt a lil dizzy and  PO @ my self  i txted fawn to let her know  she asked a few questions and ask if i ate i said yes  i had a couple slices of turky and the string cheses.  she knew what the problem was right away  i did not have a carb.  i feel  real upset  i should know this by know  i just want to keep going and  dont want to go back to my old ways  this was a lil discurageing for me cause this was not the first time it has happenedit will be  the  last

Thursday, October 7, 2010


well yesterday i walked on the treadmill for 45 min at a fast pace and it felt  good. Today's work out is a run /jog combo for 45 min to 1 hour. Today i received a  couple of compliments  and i was asked what was the goal i said 220-215  it felt good and i hope i inspired the people who asked me i also had to put another hole in my belt and looks like i wear a size 44 again  but depends on the pants but either way i am not doing this to get anyones approval or to put on certain cloths i am doing this for me. If it wasn't for zac and fawn teaching me  i would have been gaining weight instead of loosing  it! I am slowly but surely learning my limitations and  not craving any of that  fast food  so i am getting there

Monday, October 4, 2010


Well now i am out of recovery week  and Fawn was not kidding when she said it was going to get harder. Zac is introducing weights mixed in with cardio. Fawn upped my calories a lil bit so now i need to push alot harder to meet the goal that we set for the beginning of the new year, which is  220 lbs  but its not about a # it is about new lifestyle!  I know I can reach that goal with my everyones support  I also set a goal to run a 5k in February so i have to work extremely hard for those goals especially for my self.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Going to Dinner!

Dinner at Chile's for Dad's Birthday!  What to eat!

I ate pineapple and Tangerines for a snack while at dinner!

This is what my family ate....Fries etc!

:( look at their desert lol talk bout will power

Thursday, September 30, 2010

9-30-10 recovery week

Well heading into week 5  and it is recovery week.  Basically  I'm giving my body time to rest and I'm still working out just without intervals. I  am doing 1 hour a day on a step master elliptical and tread mill.  I am on each machine for 15 min with a 5 min warm up and a 10 min cool down. Nonetheless i am seeing progress! We have set a goal  to end up at 220 pounds and to run a 5 k  in February! I will be running that with Zac  so I have to "step it up and rock it" as Fawn would say! I am excited to see what  the new week brings!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


My workout summary!!!

I feel good! Today was good except for the normal stress from work... it was to the point that i was stuttering on some of my phone calls but i got through the day. I was looking forward to my work out. I started slow then I built up to a run for a run then back down to a walk. A portion of my work out i was runnig and i was listening to my music and a song i have called DEAR MAMA from
Tupac came on.  I wanted to cry because here i am running  and hearing the song my mom came to mind i was thinking about how I owe her alot because believe me she is the one that helps me to stay on this path! She preps my meals... lunch dinner and snacks... and I just used her and her love for me as a fuel to keep running a little longer and walking a little farther. i am very blessed to have Fawn Zac and my mom helping me!  I can not say it enough. Thank you guys love all of you and thanks  to every one that is supporting  me. If  anyone is considering the journey trust me it is not easy but well worth it YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Ok so we are heading into week 5 and I am curious to  see what is in store. The streches and running are getting a lil easier but I still struggle.  I am getting compliments left and right also I feel alot more confident to where I am looking people in the eye like Zac said I matter and I have people that love and care for me and I am not alone. i also am alot more social and  dont angry  as easily as before. And now I could care less of what people think of me.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


well we are in week 4 and i will be weighed today,  ilook forward to the results. one thing i have noticed that i get hungry quicker normally i eat every 3-31/2 hours  and now i get hungry 1hr  after i eat i hope its a good thing cause i do not want to mess up we have worked to hard to get where i am. this morning i gout up made my brkfast and around 9 45 i went to the park and did my excercise i fel good i was doing push ups running  bridges ithey got easier   i cant wait till they become 2nd nature

Monday, September 20, 2010


mindset. i feel i hit a wall.today i got a txt from zac asking how am i doing i said fine. and ecerything is going well  but i cant sseem to find mymotivation or focuis on it  i dont want this to turn into a chore but a new life stlye. in talking to zac and fawn always help cause they both seem to help fuel my  motivation and its good but i have to be able to do it my self put focus  back on why  i started this journey and my answer is ME i want to be  a better me i can be i am 27 and before this journey i felt like 87 i am just reflecting on what zac and fawn said  some days are easier then other but you can succed cande. WWZFS helps me out alot so when i ran today i set small reachable goals  for example  run from one corner to another  and as i completed my small goal i had a sense of acomplishment and help out so settin those small goal and completeing them i will exercise my mind also

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today was long but good I walked for 1 hour this morning because I needed to make up for yesterday light work out. I think think it is getting to as I sit and smell the burgers dogs and now all the invitations to go out and eat I have to turn down because I don't want to mess up or get off track with all the progress tjat we have made. I like getting the complements from family freinds and co workers" looking good cande" I sounds great but I feellike I am on the edge of a cliff but I know my family and friends are there to catch me if I happen to fall

Saturday, September 18, 2010


well it 11 pm and i still need to get my work out in. once again i will be going to the gym . the results are good  i neede to put in a new hole in my belt to keep my pants  from falling off  its a good feeling  see that mt gut does not  hong over my belt. i know  i will meet my goal  i didnt put on the weight  over nite and it will not come off  over night.

Friday, September 17, 2010

9-17-10 What a day

well today i was sent on a mission had to be up @ the crack of dawn  it really tested my prep skills  cause i was runing a lil late but nonethe less the task got done. so as i am eating my lunch i noticed i was hungry as i was eating  after i noticed i was still hungry i felt like just pulling over  and grading somwething somehere  but i stuck it out and thanks to mym mom packing a extra piece of fruit it held me over.  i asked fawn if this was normal she said yes that my mataolism is speeding up. this  is going to be challenging  cause its getting to my limit i am not getting cranky but i sometimes feel that way  and its weird cause i  had a good day. mentally and sometimes physically i feel exaushted!. but i alwasy think WWZFS(WHAT WOULD ZACN FAWN SAY) lol  so i dont want to disapoint them especally myself

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Workout and Weigh in!

Check out Cande's Workout and Weigh in Week 3!



today was great i went for a 30 min walk @12 then i went to the beach and played volly ball and it is not easy runing in sand  i had fun and a good work out  i was able to share my story with my group how zac and fawn are helping me and wow the response was amazing i felt  that i have even more support..

Cande, You Rock!!!

As I watched Cande do pushups last night in a field, while running sprints and dropping into squats, my heart almost burst with excitement and pride! There are NO WORDS for how proud I am of Cande and the transformation that he has made in his life! HE IS RUNNING! When we started, Cande could barely walk 20 feet and now he is doing pushups?! What?!!! This truly reflects who Cande is becoming. It's about mind over matter! Mind and body are a package deal, one cannot go without the other! As I was watching Cande train with Zac, I noticed a few things about the new Cande! He is standing taller, his body is getting smaller and his movements are improving! He is even coming out of his shell alot! He said that he has always been a little shy and has held his head down, but Cande is making significant changes in his life! He is opening up!!! Of course, I love making videos and showing the world who Cande is, but he has even willingly stepped into that as well!

Cande talked about how he has been struggling with temptation this last week, but don't worry he has stayed strong! Needless to say, I am truly encouraged and inspired by him, as you should be as well! Way to go Cande!!! You rock!

Fawn "Baby Deer" Woodfin

Monday, September 13, 2010

9-13-10 it pays off

Well it was that time of the week, my meet and greet with zac and fawn!  Todays exercise was intense and it was hard but I had support  so it made it a lil easier. I weighed in today and  and I LOST 7 more lbs,  in week 3 for a grand totsal of  19 lbs! WOW! I'm feeling great. Today fawn asked what my challenges are and i said  temptation  is hard. The day to day stress doesn't help but I don't fall. With everyone's support, I can succed.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

9-12-10 NO EXCUSES

Well I just got back from the store and work and I will be going to the gym to complete my exercise, for safety reasons. Because it is not late there is or should be no excuse.  I will be needing 7 hours of sleep so if i go to bed @ 11:30 and wake up @ 6:30am there is my 7. Good time management and the willingness to get things done both go a long way. The fact of the matter is that now I am  looking forward to my run/walk @ the end of my day because it helps me let go of the stress i have aquired through out my work day.  I have no need to go back to comfort food and I thank God Zac/Fawn and my mom for helping with all this!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


My mom is making menudo and it smells so good but i cant have any.  I had  some lean beef with rice and  tomatos with spinach it was good. At times i feel like i just want to cave in, its hard cause my familys  meals are unhealthy but  smell wonderful. All I know is I feel diffrent,  more confident and  more open to talk to anyone and every one its just a great feeling  and thats why i dont cave in! It's a new me and i wont go back!

Friday, September 10, 2010


i just got back from my walk and i am tired. i feel out of it and people have been asking if  i am ok and simply answer yes  if feel like i am on auto piolit but in a strange way i like it cause my mind feels free like i have no worries what evver obsticle is headed my way  i dont care any more or worry about it  i just thru it  with out a care in the world and i am loving it i  enjoy the new me

Week Number 2 Weigh in with Cande!


Cande's Intense Workout!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Balanced Breakfast to Start the Day!

Balanced Breakfast!  Wheaties (Carb), Eggs (protein and fat) and Strawberries (Carb)!  Breakfast for Champions!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Got home kind of late like @ 9pm and  Zac had just texted me asking if i had done my exercises . I said no I had just walked in the door i mustered up some energy and i did my run! I am tired my legs feel like they are gonna fall off lol but loosing 12lbs is more then enough  motivation!  I cannot say it enough, I feel good back pain isn't as bad and  i sleep like a baby!  I can't believe I made the decision to do this  I am still very much in shock .  Well like fawn said it is only gonna get harder  and I am up for it =)

Check Out Cande's Videos!

Meet Cande!

Week 1 Down With the Rockstar!

Walking With Cande!

Monday, September 6, 2010


WOW!!!!!!!!!! today i had my PM work out with zac and fawn. i am sooooooo tired  but a good tired like my buddy audra said in a few of her blogs.  i now know what she means so a shout out to her. Well today i weighed in and i lost 4 more lbs. for a grand total of 12 lbs in 2 weeks. I was so happy and some differences are being seen in my posture, it is better, I can walk better, and I dont get out of breath as easily. I am extramly happy with the results. So now for my workouts- I walk and jog walk for 1 min and jog for 20 secs it is hard but i know with God;s help, along with Zac, Fawn and my mom I can do IT. Oh, and by the way, today is my BDAY  and loosing 12lbs is the best gift i could have recieved =)

Saturday, September 4, 2010


i am a little sad  it is labor day weekend  and usually i would be eating bbq meat soda and beer. but this year non of that. i feel drained tired and sleepy. my parents still eating  the old way and it is hard  because the food the eat looks so good but i know its bad for me i some times just want to pig out.  i get frustrated with the constant questions you want a soda do you want pizza  etc..... yes i do want it but i will not have it  i have come too far to turn back now i will succed with gods help along with fawn zac and my mom. i can see my goal!!!  i need to have faith a alot of will power =)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dinners served! As you can see it is well balanced =)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

9-2-10 PM

Today was ok, I was a lil bored so i started to do some cleaning  and i didn't half ass it like before.  I  notice that all the tasks that I have been doing, I don't stop. Before I would get tired  and stop and drag out the chore  and it wouldn't get it done. it feels good to accomplish little tasks. Through this journey I have had my temptations, since i do not want to let Fawn, Zac, or especially my self down, I hold strong and think of my old habits and how they held me back from being social or being able to buy the latest apparel because it doesn't come in my size 3x. It also didn't help me get a date cause i learned the hard way  that girls really don't like FAT guys so hearing that would make me eat more because food didn't judge me like certain people have. Only God can judge me and thanks to those people i have become stronger and i will succeed in this.  I am no longer AFRAID cause for every person that didn't like me  i have 6 people that LOVE me no matter what(mom,dad,bro,sis,zac,fawn). So boredom was and can be a cause to unhealthy eating which i have learned to control!  =)

After a Workout!

After a nice walk a hearty bowl of oatmeal

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yesterday i thanked my mom,Fawn, and Zac but I would also like to thank God!! He made it possible for all of us to come togeather! =) I just got back from my  walk/sprint. the last few minutes  i just started to sprint and i was shocked! A little over a week ago i had trouble walking now i am sprinting. I am feeling good and finding the meals that work for me. I sometimes want to stop at  a fastfood place but i check my self and remeber that i  lost 8 lbs  and every time I say it it puts a smile on my face=). I noticed that while i walk my head is down or my eyes also, like i said yesterday I will now walk with my head up high. It feels so diffrent but good like  i am a different person and I  am loving it.  It is not easy  but well worth it.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tonight was great! I met up with Zac and we walked together  he pushed me through the intervals which are hard, but the outcome is well worth it cause just within the first week I LOST 8 lbs!!!!! and i was so shocked that I cried in my car. I was excited! If it wasn't for my mom helping make and prep my meals the night before, I would be lost and might have quit already (THANKS MOM I LOVE YOU) also thanks Zac/Fawn without their help  i would still be down the same destructive road and together we are paving a better healthier path. I can and will walk with my head up high cause this isn't over and i will NOT quit  cause  now i know if i set my mind to it  i can do it !!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Yesterday i went shopping  solo and it was hard. I was worried that i would not get the right stuff , so i called zac and he answered all of my questions. I will admit it was a little overwhelming  especially in a crowded store, but none the less i got what i needed. I am feeling good, tired but good. With my family's support  and Zac and Fawn i will meet all my goals. As a result of my lifechange, today @ work  i did more then what i have in the past... I was alot more active then normal and we were able to get it all done.


Since Work comes early in the morning, preparing oatmeal the night before is the best way to go, that way it is there, ready to go!!  No time is no excuse!

Shopping at Trader Joes!

Now shopping at Trader Joes, where there is healthy food at an affordable price!

Wheat bread over white!
A variety of options, eggs are high in protein and healthy for breakfast!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Walk with Zac!

This is the first training on the new program!  Hill number 1!

1st week

The cause of my decision to change was FEAR.  It was a topic that Zac Woodfin talked about 3 weeks ago, and after talking with him one on one here i am eating well balanced  meals!  On Sunday night one week ago Zac showed me how to shop for the right foods. A couple of days later Fawn broke down my meal plan explaining  how and why the meals were balanced. Before my decision  i was eating at every fast food place you can imagine  all the popular fast food chains to the small mom n pop dinners and drinking more then a 6 pack of sodas a day. Zac and Fawn have showed me the path to loose weight  with there help /support i will meet my goals. since i have been following my meal plan  i am sleeping ALOT better, my back doesn't hurt as much as before and i am alot more focused.  Being overweight just slowed me down at work, hurt my social life, I could not stand for more then 5 min, walk for more then 10 min, and I was being looked at differently and was being called hurtful names. That is where the fear came from. Moving forward i am getting right portions and exercising and feeling great, a feeling  i thought i would never feel.