Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yesterday i thanked my mom,Fawn, and Zac but I would also like to thank God!! He made it possible for all of us to come togeather! =) I just got back from my  walk/sprint. the last few minutes  i just started to sprint and i was shocked! A little over a week ago i had trouble walking now i am sprinting. I am feeling good and finding the meals that work for me. I sometimes want to stop at  a fastfood place but i check my self and remeber that i  lost 8 lbs  and every time I say it it puts a smile on my face=). I noticed that while i walk my head is down or my eyes also, like i said yesterday I will now walk with my head up high. It feels so diffrent but good like  i am a different person and I  am loving it.  It is not easy  but well worth it.

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  1. Things that take time and hard work are not always easy but well worth it. Congratulations on making the choice to being Healthier!