Monday, September 20, 2010


mindset. i feel i hit a wall.today i got a txt from zac asking how am i doing i said fine. and ecerything is going well  but i cant sseem to find mymotivation or focuis on it  i dont want this to turn into a chore but a new life stlye. in talking to zac and fawn always help cause they both seem to help fuel my  motivation and its good but i have to be able to do it my self put focus  back on why  i started this journey and my answer is ME i want to be  a better me i can be i am 27 and before this journey i felt like 87 i am just reflecting on what zac and fawn said  some days are easier then other but you can succed cande. WWZFS helps me out alot so when i ran today i set small reachable goals  for example  run from one corner to another  and as i completed my small goal i had a sense of acomplishment and help out so settin those small goal and completeing them i will exercise my mind also


  1. You are doing great Cande. I watched the video of your weigh in. You're looking better all the time. Keep on keeping on. I've no doubt you can do this.

  2. Hey Bro, yes I agree, some days are easier than others, and You're Doing A Fantastic Job. Don't stress yourself out. Just take things as they come and one day at a time.

    Proud of you! & you oughtta be very Proud of Yourself! You've accomplished so much in so little time, look at the positive.

    I lag motivation sometimes, but it doesnt mean I will give up. So bro, dont give up on yourself.

    Still cheering you on!