Sunday, September 26, 2010


My workout summary!!!

I feel good! Today was good except for the normal stress from work... it was to the point that i was stuttering on some of my phone calls but i got through the day. I was looking forward to my work out. I started slow then I built up to a run for a run then back down to a walk. A portion of my work out i was runnig and i was listening to my music and a song i have called DEAR MAMA from
Tupac came on.  I wanted to cry because here i am running  and hearing the song my mom came to mind i was thinking about how I owe her alot because believe me she is the one that helps me to stay on this path! She preps my meals... lunch dinner and snacks... and I just used her and her love for me as a fuel to keep running a little longer and walking a little farther. i am very blessed to have Fawn Zac and my mom helping me!  I can not say it enough. Thank you guys love all of you and thanks  to every one that is supporting  me. If  anyone is considering the journey trust me it is not easy but well worth it YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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  1. You are doing great! So proud of you! WE will make it!