Thursday, September 2, 2010

9-2-10 PM

Today was ok, I was a lil bored so i started to do some cleaning  and i didn't half ass it like before.  I  notice that all the tasks that I have been doing, I don't stop. Before I would get tired  and stop and drag out the chore  and it wouldn't get it done. it feels good to accomplish little tasks. Through this journey I have had my temptations, since i do not want to let Fawn, Zac, or especially my self down, I hold strong and think of my old habits and how they held me back from being social or being able to buy the latest apparel because it doesn't come in my size 3x. It also didn't help me get a date cause i learned the hard way  that girls really don't like FAT guys so hearing that would make me eat more because food didn't judge me like certain people have. Only God can judge me and thanks to those people i have become stronger and i will succeed in this.  I am no longer AFRAID cause for every person that didn't like me  i have 6 people that LOVE me no matter what(mom,dad,bro,sis,zac,fawn). So boredom was and can be a cause to unhealthy eating which i have learned to control!  =)

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