Monday, September 6, 2010


WOW!!!!!!!!!! today i had my PM work out with zac and fawn. i am sooooooo tired  but a good tired like my buddy audra said in a few of her blogs.  i now know what she means so a shout out to her. Well today i weighed in and i lost 4 more lbs. for a grand total of 12 lbs in 2 weeks. I was so happy and some differences are being seen in my posture, it is better, I can walk better, and I dont get out of breath as easily. I am extramly happy with the results. So now for my workouts- I walk and jog walk for 1 min and jog for 20 secs it is hard but i know with God;s help, along with Zac, Fawn and my mom I can do IT. Oh, and by the way, today is my BDAY  and loosing 12lbs is the best gift i could have recieved =)

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  1. Yay Cande! I am SOOOO proud of you! And you are right, with God's help you can and will be able to walk and jog and be able to do many things that you haven't been able to do before! I keep thinking about coming to Cali in a year and us going for a hike with fawn and zac with our new bodies! If you ever need a ear to listen to you I am here for you! I care for you. GREAT JOB! love you!