Friday, September 17, 2010

9-17-10 What a day

well today i was sent on a mission had to be up @ the crack of dawn  it really tested my prep skills  cause i was runing a lil late but nonethe less the task got done. so as i am eating my lunch i noticed i was hungry as i was eating  after i noticed i was still hungry i felt like just pulling over  and grading somwething somehere  but i stuck it out and thanks to mym mom packing a extra piece of fruit it held me over.  i asked fawn if this was normal she said yes that my mataolism is speeding up. this  is going to be challenging  cause its getting to my limit i am not getting cranky but i sometimes feel that way  and its weird cause i  had a good day. mentally and sometimes physically i feel exaushted!. but i alwasy think WWZFS(WHAT WOULD ZACN FAWN SAY) lol  so i dont want to disapoint them especally myself

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  1. Cande that is exactly what I say too-how funny! I will think about doing something out of the plan and then I'm like Oh no-but what would fawn do! hahahaha WWFD! That is too funny. I am proud of you for sticking with it! I am all for Team Cande! Way to go bud!