Saturday, September 18, 2010


well it 11 pm and i still need to get my work out in. once again i will be going to the gym . the results are good  i neede to put in a new hole in my belt to keep my pants  from falling off  its a good feeling  see that mt gut does not  hong over my belt. i know  i will meet my goal  i didnt put on the weight  over nite and it will not come off  over night.

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  1. Yay! another hole down in the belt! Feels good doesn't it? It feels like you have accomplished something and you have-over 20 pounds!! You are right it didn't come on overnight! Unfortunately this is something we have done to our self for years! But this is our time now! Yeah baby we are on our way to SEXY! Yep in a year no one will recognize us! WOOT WOOT! Cande you better watch out, the ladies will be hitting up your cell! Have a great week bud! LOVE You! MUAH