Monday, September 13, 2010

9-13-10 it pays off

Well it was that time of the week, my meet and greet with zac and fawn!  Todays exercise was intense and it was hard but I had support  so it made it a lil easier. I weighed in today and  and I LOST 7 more lbs,  in week 3 for a grand totsal of  19 lbs! WOW! I'm feeling great. Today fawn asked what my challenges are and i said  temptation  is hard. The day to day stress doesn't help but I don't fall. With everyone's support, I can succed.


  1. I got you babe!! OMG CANDE 19LBS THAT IS JUST AWESOME! SPECTACULAR! Dont Doubt Yourself!!! Do this FOR YOU, no one else buddy! OMG I need pics!!

  2. Yay! My buddy has lost 19 pounds in three weeks! WOO HOO! Go Cande! You better watch it pretty soon all the woman are going to be hitting you up! So proud of you! I am so glad I am not alone on this journey! love you!

  3. Excellent joy Cande. I'm watching your progress and cheering for you.