Monday, January 24, 2011


well i just got back from working out with fawn, and all i can say is wow! she countiue to push us. Fawn/Zac, are directing me in the right direction. Cause tonight i weighed in and i lost 6 more LBS for a total of 71lbs in 22 weeks. i was shocked! People ask what i do and i explain i am doing a life change, they answer oh so your on a diet! i answer no its a life change. Any way i am living and loving life no mater what it throws my way with GODs, help i will get tur it !Keep on keeping on =)


  1. AWESOME! Keep it up Mr. SLIM!!!! =)

  2. you and your brother are becoming macho mans with Fawn kicking your butts. (Fawn's cousin) Batia