Sunday, January 16, 2011


What a great day! i love my life good/bad that comes with it. Choices we all have them,no mater which one we pick we must be pre pared for the outcome. Good or bad we must learn from them and move forward! i have learned from zac/fawn alot! that is a choice i have made and the out is well worth the traing they havwe me do. the pain of 1 hour work is nothing compared to the pain of selpitty or lack of self esteam. they taught me that i should love and take care of my self, also that i was made i GODs image and he will LOVE me no mater what i look like or what i do ultamitly its my choice and thisa is my year! I am Candelario Garcia and i matter. for every 1 person that may hate me, theres 10 people that love and care for me

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  1. Slim, you're AWESOME!! I love the last sentence for every 1 person that may hate me there's 10 ppl who love & care for me! I need to learn that.