Sunday, December 26, 2010


do you ever feel like your going backwards? i do and usually what triggers it is a small comment or remark. sdont know why but it makes me get defensive and what i now do is take a deep breath and remeber that GOD, has my back no matter what. after all is said in don i feel better, for some reason i feel a disconnect as if i still am lookinfg for someones approval. dont know why! however i know i will be ok as lon as i approve of myself =) no one elses matters but GODs, and mine


  1. Your right you and God above all. Take everyone's positive praises, but don't let the negative control you. Glad that you've found a good way to move on with it. Hope you had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year

  2. Keep on keepin Cande! fawn

  3. I heard a story on the radio today about some frogs that were climbing a tower. Everyone said it couldn't be done. As they climbed, the voices crying out were negative saying it couldn't be done. One by one the frogs gave up until there was only one left. He got to the top. There was something unique about this particular frog, however. He was deaf.
    So many people let the negative comments affect them. But when we can shut those things out, we reach our goals. God bless you Cande. You have kept going in spite of the obstacles and the negative voices. Wow!! God is your strength!