Sunday, December 19, 2010


today was great! i was up and out of the house at 630 am, did not get back til 8 pm. i worked out, served at the long beach mission, hung out with Zac, a lil bit. and topped it off with church service =). A reflection as mentioned i helped served lunch, i thought having bad days off is bad,(a problem) but seeing the people there it made me think that i have no problems, but i apprexcate the fact that i have a job. Today Was a GREAT DAY! i got a taste of life and i love it


  1. Your words were so uplifting Cande. Thanks. Glad you had such a wonderful day.

  2. wonderful! You are changing for the better! So proud of you!!! Glad you are enjoying life.It is amazing how your life changes for the better when your heart changes!!! Keep up the good work!