Sunday, December 12, 2010


i was looking up the definition of fear, and let me tell youthe definition is repeatative. to be afraid terro etc... then i came across the fearless not to be afraid. looking at those 2 diffreat defintions fearless is straight forward, simple if yopu will. No body should its a state of mind an attitude, we as people do to our seleves. Basicly all i am saying is i am tired of being afraid. i want to live and i will cause GOD is always by my side and i have my family and my freinds that will have my back. as these thoughts rattle in my mind the one that makes me most hapy are 2 one is a person and the other is the day i got baptized.


  1. Good for you Cande. God lets us know in His Word that He is NOT the author of fear. That comes from the enemy. You are growing in so many ways. You are indeed a new creation!

  2. I must agree with both Fawn & Momma Marcy! SO proud of you!!!

  3. I agree with Grace! This journey has changed us body, mind, and spiritual heart. We have grown so much. Look what's in store for your bright heart! KoKo