Thursday, November 18, 2010

well we are almost  done with week 11. and when i weighed in i was @ 231lbs, i gained 1 lb.  i will be honest  i was a little upset, i was reminded that it is NOT about the #, muscel weighs more than FAT! all i know is i am building my endurance  i can run a lil longer walk  and stand for 30 min or more if needed. my mom  is in the hospital  because  of her diabeties so now  i am a lil stressed out. She was the one that preped ALL my meals and now i am doing it until she gets better. so that being said  i am eating out a lil more than usual, it is all healty food so need to yell lol. but part of this transformation is holding my own, which means DO MY OWN STUFF. I know i can do it. thanks you everyone for your support and encouragement

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  1. You will continue to do just fine Cande. My prayers are with your family.