Tuesday, November 9, 2010


on the ride home i was reflecting that i have not watched tv or been a couch patato in 2 months and i have been waking up at 5 30 am and going all the way thur 10 pm on some days. i have been told that i have inspired people. that makes me feel good that in some way i helped a persome make a lifechanging decision. I also notice i am focused and on point on any task or project i asked to take care of., i also dont get MAD  any more and you can ask my bro or sis nothing will fase me and thank you to everyone  who is supporting me and would like to let you know that you are not alone 


  1. Proud of you!!! Keep it up...like I've said before I won't get tired of telling you how proud I am of you!!! WOOT-WOOT!!!

    Our conversations reminds me of when we were little...oh the good times =)

  2. You're becoming a different person Cande--inside and out. Amazing!