Tuesday, November 16, 2010


well today was great  offical it was my day off but i had an issue @ work. i felt great i tried on my old tool belt and it fit!!! i did not stop[ or run out of breathe my back was not hurting me nort even with the belt on.  i time out the job  and i hit had some help[ but still hit the time slot. after wards i met up with zac and he turned it up. we weretalking bout the first time on the warm ups and how difficult they were @ first.  zac pointed out that in todays work out i did not stop i finished strong, thanks to zacs push and  my focus. it is WEEK11 and here i am keepping on =)


  1. So great you could wear your old belt - get rid of the other one so there's no excuses and no room to grow. So proud! Aren't you!!!

  2. Ooooo Cande! You can fit in your old belt!! Woot Woot! I saw your videos your looking good my little sexy mexican burrito! Got it going on! Keep on keeping on! Love you!

  3. Cande--you are SO positive. Love reading about your progress. Bless you guy!