Saturday, November 20, 2010


i just got back from the gym, i feel good but i know i could have worked out a lil harder. after work i washed the dishes and cooked dinner, went to the store then to the bank all with 2 or 3 hours of being home.  i dont know how my mom does it but its a lot in a short period of time,  doing all that is also part of my journy to be self reliant, it is not easy being a grown up but part of life  whatever i have gone thur has only made me stronger in  mind body n soul. i feel so blessed to have fawn zac and all my freind  in my life, if it were not for them i would have gone backwards  with my mind set . but here i am keeping on my with my journey.


  1. Hey Buddy!
    Glad to hear you still like working out! You better watch out, I'm sure you are getting several turned heads with than new body. I can't call you burrito anymore I have to now call you "SLIM"

  2. Glad to hear you are getting things done on your own. Audra's right! "Slim" it now is! We all should see if we could get a "UNION" going as we've all never met so we can't call it a reunion!! Have a great Holiday!

  3. Ladies, Ladies I gave him that name first! hahaha...Slim I'm proud that you are doing things on your own, member what we talked about! Love ya and your my inspiration! =)

  4. Ok Grace we will give you credit! =)