Thursday, April 21, 2011


as you can see i am blogging alot more! i have an update on the surender of Cande! 2 days back to back i have spoken wih firmness and honesty with GOD, on  my surrend to him,  especaily 2 areas of my life. One of those areas is my career, the other is relationships, i have left them in GODs, hands. its up to him what he will do with them All i i know is i will put in 100% in these areas.  it is a great feeling! to have qand in just those 2 days people have noticed, go figure. i also learend "QUICK SLOW SLOW" Quick to listen, Slow to speak,Slow to get angry, (thanks Gabe)i heard this and i loved it. the reason is  because i do the complete oppiste quick to get angry Quick to speak, Slow to listen. Any its been a great week a great night and Thats my update for as fawn would say Y'ALL lol.

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  1. You're back! and growing in your heart and spirit. Praise the Lord for all He's doing in your life Cande. So glad to see you writing again.