Friday, October 8, 2010


well  just got back from the gym n  while doing  a 20 min walk/run i got a lil dizzy  so took a breather and took a couple of drinks ok water  i decide to come home a still felt a lil dizzy and  PO @ my self  i txted fawn to let her know  she asked a few questions and ask if i ate i said yes  i had a couple slices of turky and the string cheses.  she knew what the problem was right away  i did not have a carb.  i feel  real upset  i should know this by know  i just want to keep going and  dont want to go back to my old ways  this was a lil discurageing for me cause this was not the first time it has happenedit will be  the  last


  1. Well it's not like your going back to your old eating pattern because I'm sure as I'm also on your journey now that we didn't walk around just eating turkey and cheese. At least it was a healthy choice and you can learn from it. Good luck, remember you are an amazing person who will achieve the goals that are set for you. Will be praying for you

  2. You are an inspiration to soo many people! Keep up the good work! You can do it!!!