Sunday, August 29, 2010

1st week

The cause of my decision to change was FEAR.  It was a topic that Zac Woodfin talked about 3 weeks ago, and after talking with him one on one here i am eating well balanced  meals!  On Sunday night one week ago Zac showed me how to shop for the right foods. A couple of days later Fawn broke down my meal plan explaining  how and why the meals were balanced. Before my decision  i was eating at every fast food place you can imagine  all the popular fast food chains to the small mom n pop dinners and drinking more then a 6 pack of sodas a day. Zac and Fawn have showed me the path to loose weight  with there help /support i will meet my goals. since i have been following my meal plan  i am sleeping ALOT better, my back doesn't hurt as much as before and i am alot more focused.  Being overweight just slowed me down at work, hurt my social life, I could not stand for more then 5 min, walk for more then 10 min, and I was being looked at differently and was being called hurtful names. That is where the fear came from. Moving forward i am getting right portions and exercising and feeling great, a feeling  i thought i would never feel.

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  1. I'm so proud of you!!!!
    I'm on your team buddy, just keep focusing and taking care of CANDE!!!!